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Short Stories

On Seminary Ridge

On Seminary Ridge  by   David Bowman

Robert E Lee was offered command of Union forces before he rode south to join the Confederacy, choosing State over Federal rights. If he had decided the other way, just maybe the fateful third day at Gettysburg might well have gone differently.
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Goodbye Burt

Goodbye Burt  by   Audrey Holland

I didn’t go looking for love, but then one summer evening I walked right into it – head over heels! It happened the moment my eyes met his. I was out for a drink with my sister and best friend when he walked in.
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The Scent Of Jasmine

The Scent Of Jasmine  by   Helen McNicol

Even vampires were young once - Jasmine is a young vampire, filled with spirit and hope that her kind will remain protected forever.
Is the chance meeting of the irresistible Mark a coincidence, or a threat?

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Excuse Me

Excuse Me  by   Helen McNicol

Sasha is a vibrant young woman, serious about her job and happy being single. Her life is straight-laced, until she meets Sam, who convinces her to jump headfirst into a fantasy, where the outcome can only lead to one thing.

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