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Pantheon  by   Deborah McNemar

They call me Athene. As a sniper with Pantheon Consulting’s special operations, I ensure that cut-throat tactics remain in the boardroom and don’t leave stains on the carpet.
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Hades  by   Deborah McNemar

Hercules is a pilot for Pantheon Consulting undercover in the mines of Hades following a lead on a genetically altering serum. An accident gives him the opportunity to witness firsthand the miraculous healing properties of the serum.
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Elysia  by   Deborah McNemar

Thanatos is less than happy with the prospect of running protection duty on his ex-fiancée. Sierra Galloway is the geneticist responsible for finding the cure to a lethal bio-agent and someone is trying to steal her research...
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Styx And Stones

Styx And Stones  by   Deborah McNemar

Pantheon is fighting a silent war. The enemy is building a cyborg army, striking only to vanish back into the shadows. Walter Bellinger knows that time is running out before they strike hard and Pantheon goes under for good. To keep his grandfather's legacy alive, he turns his sights on Serena Wulf, a woman who may hold the answers he needs.
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