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Lame Bird's Legacy

Lame Bird's Legacy  by   Dan Strawn

Rides Well suffers the loss of his wife, rides away and becomes a legend among his people. Otter raises his brother’s orphaned son and foresees tragedy. Lame Bird pursues his youthful vision and discovers his destiny in the midst of war.
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The Dead Possum Gang

The Dead Possum Gang  by   Dan Strawn

A rite of passage tale about boys becoming men and their adventures in the Dead Possum Gang during the post-World-War II era
Rick Edwards young life is turned upside down when his dad returns from the war and they move from Aunt Marge's Idaho farm to Southern California.
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Black Wolf's Return

Black Wolf's Return  by   Dan Strawn

It is 1740 and Black Wolf, an aged warrior, has a dying vision: The wolves will leave the prairie, and so will the Nez Perce Indians. The vision promises his descendants will only return when the wolves do.
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Lea Croft

Lea Croft  by   Angela Rigley

The sleepy village of Lea Croft in Victorian Derbyshire is awoken when the body of the farmer’s son, Herbert Grant, is found down a gully. Martha Holloway suspects her husband, Charlie, of killing him in revenge for her being assaulted by him in the past.
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Looking For Jamie

Looking For Jamie  by   Angela Rigley

Set in the late nineteenth century this is the story of a young boy who is found bedraggled and starving, having lost his memory. All he knows is his name, Jamie. He is taken in by the household of The Grange on the Brightmoor Estate who soon come to love him as one of their own...
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A Dilemma For Jamie

A Dilemma For Jamie  by   Angela Rigley

Tillie's twin girls are now fifteen months old, and talk of Jamie going to boarding school sends her into a battle of wits against his new father, David. Jamie has his own concerns about being so far away from the Brightmoor Estate, but all that is momentarily forgotten...
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School For Jamie

School For Jamie  by   Angela Rigley

Having made up his mind that he wants to go to boarding school, Jamie is excited, although Tillie still has reservations. However, it doesn’t match up to his expectations. Then there is the worry that he won’t be home to protect Alice from the nanny who he thinks might harm her...
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Choices For Jamie

Choices For Jamie  by   Angela Rigley

Jamie survives his final year at school, but does not know how to occupy his time once he has left. Seeing a poster in the village, he considers joining a circus, but when the family goes to the performance the Big Top collapses...
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Patsy  by   Margaret Penfold

Patsy’s plans to study for a career in palaeontology are thwarted as the outbreak of WW2 maroons her in Palestine, the land of her childhood. When Rommel’s army is poised to invade Palestine, she joins a British-organized network of...
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Maftur  by   Margaret Penfold

Maftur knows she wants to marry the boy next door. Before settling down as a wife and mother, however, she aims to become a glamorous secretary and prove she can earn her own living.
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Dalia  by   Margaret Penfold

Thirteen year old Dalia Leitner, newly arrived in Palestine, hero worships her Palestinian born cousin, Shimon Mabovitch. She dedicates herself to becoming a pioneer farmer, creating fertile land from the wilderness.
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Aphrodesia  by   A.F. Allen

Every two years they run a foot race in the magnificent stadium in Aphrodesia, the city of Aphrodite. Hermias, a young Greek from the faded city of Athens has set his heart on winning this race for both the personal glory for himself and the reflected glory for his city.
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Isaac's Gun

Isaac's Gun  by   Dan Strawn

Summoned to the office of her late grandfather’s attorney, Megan Holcomb is presented with a stack of journals and a mysterious locked briefcase. She is informed that her grandparents gave explicit instructions that the briefcase not be opened until Megan had read through the journals in their entirety.
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