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Women's Fiction

Never Ask Why

Never Ask Why  by   Barbara Phipps

Helen McGuire is a fifty year old widow. Her husband died two years ago, leaving her with plenty of money thanks to his insurance policies. She has two grown up sons who show no sign of leaving home, so she decides to go away for a while, and buys a motorhome.
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The Threlfalls

The Threlfalls  by   Barbara Phipps

In 1948, while Britain is still enduring the aftermath of the War, Charlie Fletcher, a Leeds publican and black marketeer, always seems to have plenty of cash and ration coupons. When he falls in love and marries a young Irish girl, Siobhan, along comes daughter, Susan, who is the apple of her father’s eye.
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Dancing Upstairs

Dancing Upstairs  by   Barbara Phipps

Since leaving The Thelfalls over a year ago, Susan has been in Provence at the home of the Fourniers. Her peaceful idyll is disturbed when Jimmy Hanson brings news of her family in Ireland. Determined to put the past behind her, she travels to Kilmain with Chaz and Jimmy...
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Turn The Stones

Turn The Stones  by   Barbara Phipps

After the tragic fire that killed her father and destroyed ‘The Threlfalls,’ Susan’s life changes dramatically when she falls pregnant. Susan looks forward to being the perfect mother, but with little contact from her friends, she finds herself increasingly isolated.
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Goodbye Burt

Goodbye Burt  by   Audrey Holland

I didn’t go looking for love, but then one summer evening I walked right into it – head over heels! It happened the moment my eyes met his. I was out for a drink with my sister and best friend when he walked in.
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Leaving  by   Audrey Holland

The weather was real ugly the night I left my husband. I caught him with his sister’s maid-of-honour and took my two small boys and left in the middle of a snow storm. I headed for home across the Canadian prairies.
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