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Urban Fantasy

Restitutions Of The Blood

Restitutions Of The Blood  by   Lila Richards

In 1890, when Alex Randall returns from university to his ancestral home of Shillington Hall, he finds his father remarried, less than a year after his mother’s death. Dismay turns to anger when a son, Oliver, is born. Convinced the new Lady Randall means to steal his inheritance, Alex flees to London ...
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Vampire Double Feature

Vampire Double Feature  by   Lila Richards

Two fabulous vampire novels for the price of one. Incredible value, with over 198,000 words in two tales of Victorian Vampires by a mistress of the craft. "A Different Hunger" and "Restitutions of the Blood" are the two books included here.
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A Different Hunger

A Different Hunger  by   Lila Richards

In Victorian London, when an ill-advised love affair sees young Rufus de Hunte challenged to an illegal duel, his father, to avoid the scandal this would bring, banishes him to New Zealand to become a remittance man.
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The Scent Of Jasmine

The Scent Of Jasmine  by   Helen McNicol

Even vampires were young once - Jasmine is a young vampire, filled with spirit and hope that her kind will remain protected forever.
Is the chance meeting of the irresistible Mark a coincidence, or a threat?

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