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On Seminary Ridge By David Bowman

On Seminary Ridge

“Sir!” “Yes, what is it?” General Longstreet raised his haggard face and looked at the young lieutenant, who had just burst into the tent without waiting for permission. “Sir, there’s a damn Yankee coming up the hill, carrying a flag of truce, Sir. He’s got an officer with him, riding a white charger, Sir. The men say its Bobby his own self!” James Longstreet rubbed his hand across his tired eyes and considered his reply. Before he could respond another young staff officer burst in. Giving a crisp salute, he didn’t even wait for the General to acknowledge him before blurting out his message. “Sir! Captain Brown reports, signal from Generals Hill and Pickett, Sir. Under pressure from their flank they are forced to give ground. They will have to withdraw from both Little Round Top and Big Round Top within the hour, Sir!” “It never rains but it pours, doesn’t it gentlemen?” He rose to his feet, the ponderous motion exaggerated by his huge bushy beard as it swayed from side to side. “Well, I suppose I’d best find out what the Virginian fighting on the other side wants to say, hadn’t I gentlemen?”

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2537 words
ISBN: 978-1-877546-67-9


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