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Goodbye Burt By Audrey Holland

Goodbye Burt

I learned a valuable lesson this past summer about life, love and dirty rotten bastards. A couple months ago, I met a man and fell in love. I wasn’t looking for him; I was just out for some innocent fun but walked straight into falling head over heels for the very first time. It was a wonderful feeling. I felt like I was on a cloud and I believed that he loved me just as much as I loved him.

My sister, Jackie, and my best friend, Penny, tried to warn me but I refused to listen. They could see through him, but for some reason I couldn’t. And I was usually the one to pick out the phonies and liars. Not this time.

We live in a small resort city on the banks of a big lake up in the interior. The place is going through a real estate boom right now and there are lots of new people in town. Burt is one of them.

We met at the local bar. I wasn’t the prettiest girl in the room. I’ve always considered myself to be average in looks. My long chestnut brown hair is thick and unruly. No matter how hard I try to tame it and keep it neat and controlled, it escapes within the first hour and curls float up around my head. My body is slender and athletic. I don’t have large breasts and rounded hips like the women on display in the bar that night. My breasts are firm and well shaped but not big and my hips are practically nonexistent.

My shape has never bothered me; I don’t have to worry about dieting or stuff like that. I can eat as much as I want when I want. I must admit that I do work out a lot, not because I have to, but because I like to. Both my sister and best friend constantly tease me about my eating. They have to be so careful or the pounds just seem to pile on. My best feature is my thick lashed blue eyes. When I smile and laugh, they light up from within.

Jackie, Penny and I were sitting in the bar on Saturday night just having a few drinks and looking over the new guys in town when Burt walked in and sat at the bar. He was immediately surrounded by the boldest of the girls. He laughed and joked with them, but I could tell he wasn’t interested.

We were laughing at something when I looked up and met his eyes. I had already consumed a glass of wine and three shooters and wasn’t feeling at all shy. He looked at me and I could see the interest in his eyes all the way across the room. I looked right back at him and smiled. He immediately excused himself from the babbling women hanging on him and came to our table. I was amazed! His dark eyes seemed to see no one but me. I watched with appreciation as his six foot tall athletic frame sauntered gracefully across the room. He had gorgeous curly dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. That night he was wearing tight jeans and a western shirt that showed off his broad shoulders and narrow waist. His face did not strike me as handsome in a conventional way; it was rugged with prominent cheek bones and a long jaw. His nose was kind of long as well and his mouth wide and full lipped. He moved gracefully like a big cat and I thought he was the sexiest man I have ever seen.

“Hello, ladies,” he said in his soft, deep voice.

“Hello,” I answered with a smile.

I could see Penny and Jackie shifting uncomfortably in their chairs.

He smiled at me and held out his hand. “Would you like to dance?”

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