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Never Ask Why By Barbara Phipps

A novel of life, love, travel, laughter and tears.

Helen McGuire is a fifty year old widow. Her husband died two years ago, leaving her with plenty of money thanks to his insurance policies. She has two grown up sons who show no sign of leaving home, so she decides to go away for a while, and buys a motorhome. Helen makes new friends on her travels. Their situations and difficulties have a profound effect on her attitude to life.

Her sons, Robert and James have very different personalities. They both have job opportunities which would mean moving away, but they are worried about leaving their mother alone. The family do not communicate well, leading to misunderstandings and tensions.

‘Never Ask Why’ tells of Helen’s inner conflicts. Her journey is an emotional one, with highs and lows, laughter and tears, before she finally decides on her future path.

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