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Ula By J.R. Erickson

Abby Daniels has abandoned her life. As she grapples with the guilt of leaving her boyfriend, her family and her job, an enthralling stranger enters her small world. His name is Sebastian and his mysterious past and hypnotic blue eyes lull Abby from the fear of her hasty departure. However, her predictable life is truly flipped upside down when she stumbles upon the dead body of a young woman. As she uncovers the mysteries surrounding the woman’s death, she unearths the previously invisible threads of her own secret identity. These threads, woven together with the aid of Sebastian, lead her to the Coven of Ula, a secret island in Lake Superior, inhabited by witches.

Though their welcome is warm, the hidden island holds a truth that Abby cannot deny. She is a witch and her powers, whether she wants them or not, must be exercised.

For Abby, the Coven of Ula represents an equally terrifying and exhilarating future. Alone, Abby faces the witches’ most lethal enemy, the Vepar, whose demonic powers first enrapture and then destroy their victims.

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Will be published on 16-March-2012

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