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Elysia By Deborah McNemar

The third book in the Pantheon series

Thanatos is less than happy with the prospect of running protection duty on his ex-fiancée. Sierra Galloway is the geneticist responsible for finding the cure to a lethal bio-agent and someone is trying to steal her research — someone willing to kill her to get what they want. Elysia Grant is a wannabe journalist, longing to write real news. When she drags a battered man out of the gutter, she has no idea the trouble she's just landed in. As they dig deeper into the shadowy world of designer drugs and cybernetic engineering, desire is both dangerous and inescapable. With mercs, bangers and forces of nature bearing down on them, they have to find the killer before he strikes again, and the stakes are higher than ever in this high tech game of hide and seek.

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Will be published on 18-October-2012

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