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Hades By Deborah McNemar

The second book in the Pantheon series

Hercules is a pilot for Pantheon Consulting undercover in the mines of Hades following a lead on a genetically altering serum. An accident gives him the opportunity to witness firsthand the miraculous healing properties of the serum, but it also brings him into close contact with Rosalind Bonet, a requisitions clerk the mine boss has tagged as his personal property – a woman Hercules can’t ignore.

Rosalind has been trapped in the endless twilight of the mine for five years, enduring Carmon Gulden’s fists, insults and occasional rape. She’s held onto her pride, working in the shadows to free people Gulden would rather see disappear. Her mission gives her the strength to endure the horrors inflicted on her, but keeping her sister free and safe is her biggest fear.

Bound together against a common enemy, they flee the mine and Hades determined to help those left behind. But can passion born of fledgling trust survive the war to come?

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Will be published on 16-February-2012

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