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Pantheon By Deborah McNemar

The first book in the Pantheon series

They call me Athene. As a sniper with Pantheon Consulting’s special operations, I ensure that cut-throat tactics remain in the boardroom and don’t leave stains on the carpet.

When I put the boss’s grandson into a virtual training simulation, I expected to be reprimanded, but I don’t think I deserve this kind of punishment. I’m on Earth with Walt, acting as bodyguard while I try to plug an intel leak that’s already led to the deaths of two of my fellow spec-ops. My partner, Pan, is impossible to ignore. The problem? It’s against the rules to fraternize. I’ve never met anyone quite like him before: intelligent, capable and he’s under my skin.

The leads have taken a disturbing turn. Everything points to a company called Gaea. I’ve got Pan under my skin, Walt under my protection and a target in my crosshairs. They call me Athene and I’m going to war.

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Will be published on 22-August-2011

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