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Double Feature: Pantheon/Faery Tail By Deborah McNemar

Two great reads for the price of one.

Two Exceptional reads from one author


They call me Athene. As a sniper with Pantheon Consulting’s special operations, I ensure that cut-throat tactics remain in the boardroom and don’t leave stains on the carpet.

When I put the boss’s grandson into a virtual training simulation, I expected to be reprimanded, but I don’t think I deserve this kind of punishment. I’m on Earth with Walt, acting as bodyguard while I try to plug an intel leak that’s already led to the deaths of two of my fellow spec-ops. My partner, Pan, is impossible to ignore. The problem? It’s against the rules to fraternize. I’ve never met anyone quite like him before: intelligent, capable and he’s under my skin.

The leads have taken a disturbing turn. Everything points to a company called Gaea. I’ve got Pan under my skin, Walt under my protection and a target in my crosshairs. They call me Athene and I’m going to war.

Faery Tail

Born a Sidhe princess, Star has done everything in her power to leave her heritage behind her. She's carved out a life for herself in the bustle of New York City, content with her books, her coffee and her few friends. But the past is about to catch up with her. The time has come for her to fulfill her duty and Queen Luna is determined to see the matter accomplished. Centauri is a warrior of the Tuatha de'. It is his task to see the reluctant princess wed to maintain the balance of the Fae kingdoms. But he is going to need all of his legendary control to deal with the impulsive woman who seems intent on unraveling all of his plans. But there are plots afoot in the Fae kingdoms, plans that go deeper than either of them realize. Only by learning to trust in one another can they avert disaster. In the magic of the Fae realms, one thing is for certain - happily ever after is never assured and true love is a prize above dragon's treasure..

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Will be published on 21-June-2013

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