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Griffin Feathers By Deborah McNemar

Damien Morrow has never fit anywhere.

Damien Morrow has never fit anywhere. Not human and not quite Fae, he makes his life in New York as an artist, living on the edges of the human world and avoiding the Fae. He's content with his life until she breaks into his studio. Until she challenges him to do more than live on the fringes.

Eithné is a sylvan ráthu, a master with a bow and sworn to protect the Lady of the Vale. When the Lady is taken, Eithné hunts down the last creature of Anwyn to come close to the borders of the Vale: a black griffin. What she finds is a solitary shapeshifter intent on living his life outside the realms, a man that arouses a longing in her she doesn't understand.

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Will be published on 15-January-2011

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