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Carthaginian Empire Book IV - The Roman Cycle By David Bowman

Previously only available as individual e-book short stories, this collection features episodes 16 to 22 of the original series.

Episode 16 – Stalemate

Over several years the armies of Carthage and Rome have fought each other to bloody stalemate. Neither can gain a decisive advantage on land. On the sea, Carthage’s fleet reigns supreme and the tiny Roman navy is no match for the bigger, faster, more numerous and better trained Carthaginians.

It is 264BC and the First Punic War is going nowhere fast.

Episode 17 – The Galley

Based on a true documented incident. There is an important secret to the way the Carthaginians build their galleys. Each is identical to all of the others. They are built to a standard design and each piece is marked. You can take one apart and use it as a set of templates to build more. One unlucky Carthaginian captain is forced aground by the Romans and he, his crew and his galley are captured. Rome uses his galley to build a fleet of 225 identical ships in less than 45 days and use this to challenge Carthaginian naval supremacy. But will Roman skill and ingenuity be enough against the experienced crews of the oaken galleys they face?

Its 217BC and Rome takes what it believes is its chance.

Episode 18 – Bay of Naples

With the Roman fleet at the bottom of the Mediterranean and Hannibal’s mercenary army marauding down the east coast of Italy, Rome are up against it. When the entire Roman army is butchered at the battle of Cannae and Hannibal’s brother lands another army in the Bay of Naples, Rome is given a choice. Surrender or be sacked.

It is 216BC and the last challenger against Carthage’s reign is on her knees.

Episode 19 – Crucify Them!

Seventy years ago the might of Carthage was brought to bear on the city of Rome. Now as Carthage focuses on troubles further abroad, Rome sees the chance to rebel, the final chance to win back their freedom and their own destiny. The savagery of the response of the Carthaginian army will know no bounds. Crucifixion for one in two men is just the start. For the rest, slavery in the mines and fields of Spain and Britain awaits them.

It is 146BC and now Carthage truly rules the Mediterranean.

Episode 20 – Caesar Free

The tribes of Gaul have been a thorn in the side of Carthage for far too long. Penned in by Carthaginian occupied Spain to the West, Britain to the North, Italy to the East and the even wilder tribes in across the Rhine, the Gauls must finally fight or die. During one battle a slave of Roman descent saves a Carthaginian force from certain defeat and annihilation. Given his freedom he elects to join the meritocratic officer corps of the army of his erstwhile masters.

It is 56BC and his name was Julius. We would have known him as Caesar.

Episode 21 – Caesar Victorious

At the hilltop fortress of Alesia, Vercingetorix leads a desperate force of Gaulish warriors in a last stand against a Carthaginian army led by the Roman Julius Caesar. With other tribes surrounding him, Caesar elects to fight an innovative campaign. As the besiegers in turn become the besieged, history is reaching a climactic point.

It is 53BC and Caesar must win his finest battle, for his masters, not just for himself.

Episode 22 – European Union

All of Europe west of the river Rhine lies under the hand of Carthage. Ruled jointly from the south, Carthage itself, and north, Mai Dan in Britain, the empire appears to be at peace. There are three firebrands within the empire, two of whom are looking for further conquests to cement their place and perhaps their children’s future within the society that has assimilated them.

It is 48BC. Can Hanno, descendant of his legendary namesake, keep a leash on the ambitions of a certain Julius Caesar and his mortal adversary Vercingetorix?

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