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Carthaginian Empire Book III -The Macedonian Cycle By David Bowman

Previously only available as individual e-book short stories, this collection features episodes 12 to 15 of the original series and a bonus episode previously only available in the print anthology.

Episode 12 – Macedonian Rebellion

Phillip would be king of Macedonia if the Carthaginians hadn’t arrived. Now he must lead a last desperate rebellion against the overlords from across the sea. Is it still his destiny to rule or has Carthage the wit and might to destroy the dynasty before Alexander is even born? It is 359BC and the nexus of history is upon them.

Episode 13 – Desert Rats

Unsettled by the Persian advances into Africa from Egypt, and feeling threatened by the increased Persian military presence along the East Coast of the Mediterranean from the Dardanelles all the way to the western borders of Egypt, Carthage must act. The Persians are expecting a naval attack from a naval power so when the Carthaginians strike from the desert surprise is paramount.

It is 339BC and Carthage faces its greatest enemy yet.

Episode 14 – Tyre

Having conquered Egypt, it is time for the hard-bitten and experienced army of Carthage to move north up the coast. First the city of Tyre stands in their way and if they can subdue the fabled island citadel then Darius is massing the largest army ever seen to face them on the banks of the gentle river Issus. A river that will run with blood before the year is out, at a place history will call Armageddon.

It is 333BC and Carthage must fight on land and sea.

Episode 15 – Empires

When two mighty empires meet, history dictates that only one will stand and the other must fall. Persia covers more land area than all of Carthage’s territory. Carthage controls the Mediterranean and its wealth from shore to distant shore. As the two empires confront each other in a hundred little skirmishes, one will survive and one will fall. It is 330BC and if Persia falls only one small emerging state will stand in the way of Carthaginian suzerainty.

Rome looms on the horizon for Carthage.

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