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Carthaginian Empire Book I - The Barbarian Cycle By David Bowman

Previously only available as individual e-book short stories, this collection features episodes 1 to 4 of the original series and two bonus episodes previously only available in the print anthology.

Episode 1 – Explorer

The Carthaginian explorer Hanno left the Mediterranean to sail south. Instead, the grandmother of all storms has pushed him north. His small fleet of war galleys, battered, crews exhausted, supplies depleted, are pinned by tide and wind against a hostile shore. The shore is lined with hundreds of local tribesmen, armed to the teeth. He doesn’t speak their language. They don’t speak his. Only one man speaks both. An itinerant trader. But can he trust him? Can he make friends, allies even? Above all, can he retrieve his fortunes and get home?

This is England, 470BC. Hanno doesn’t know that. Can he use his wits and his charm and all his skills to win out?

Episode 2 – Homecoming

Hanno has made friends with the local tribe, even married the chief’s daughter, but can he get home? He needs to repair his ships but his tools don’t work so well on the local oak. Can he turn this to his advantage? Meanwhile what of the trader; can he be trusted? Could he be dealt with without offending his father-in-law? Should he do so anyway? What is this mysterious fortress Mai Dan? Could these be allies?

Episode 3 – Shipwrights

Carthage has a trick nobody else has realised. Their ships are mass produced. English oak is stronger than any timber available in the Mediterranean. Could this be turned to Carthage’s advantage? Would an oak fleet rule the True Sea? Can Carthaginian engineering help his allies to achieve peace with the neighbouring tribes? Will the Mai Dan cow their rivalry? Can he convince them that trade is better than war with Carthage and her allies?

Its 460BC. England is changing. Carthage is changing. Is Hanno right?

Episode 4 – Anaxagoras

One sorry-for-himself Athenian philosopher and mathematician. Exiled from Athens on pain of death. Banned from teaching. But for Carthage he holds a key. His theories could lead to a navigation system that will enable them to extend their supremacy. Anaxagoras has a choice. Help the natural enemies of Athens or fade into obscurity? Hanno wants his man; and the secrets to accurate navigation his brain may hold. But does he owe loyalty to the city that has discarded him?

Its 450BC and Hanno now knows he needs just one piece to complete the picture; to take Carthage on to its manifest destiny.

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