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Carthaginian Empire - The Complete Series By David Bowman

The whole series in a single volume.

All six cycles, all 32 episodes, and all 4 bonus episodes brought together in one book for the very first time.
That’s over 153,000 words of action. The whole saga spanning nearly 800 years of a history that might have been.
Follow Hanno and his descendants as they forge an empire spanning the Mediterranean, Italy, France and Britain, and across Europe through Germany and into Asia Minor in one direction, Scandinavia in the other.

The Barbarian Cycle (4 episodes + 2 bonus episodes)
The Greek Cycle (7 episodes + 1 bonus episode)
The Macedonean Cycle (4 episodes + 1 bonus episode)
The Roman Cycle (7 episodes)
The Germanic Cycle (6 episodes)
The Viking Cycle (4 episodes)
From a near-shipwreck on the shores of what is now Weymouth Bay in England, to meeting and beating everything the Ancient World could throw at them, the Carthaginians build an Empire. Athens, Sparta, Macedonia, Persia, Gaul, Germany, Parthia, and even the Vikings, nothing can stop the Carthaginians and their galleys built from English oak!

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153583 words
ISBN: 978-0-908325-14-6


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