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Double Feature: The Silver Lining/Alexandra The Great By Paulette Rae

Two full length novels for the price of one!

Two complete novels gathered here into a Double Feature totalling over 140,000 words for one great price.
The Silver Lining
Briley’s best friend, Juliana, is celebrating her 30th birthday in style. Briley has done everything in her power to make the night special, even putting aside her own misery in her failing marriage to disloyal Mark.
When she discovers that one of the guests is a dark stranger from her past, Briley recognises that if she’s not careful, her own secrets will spill from the closet.
Keith Trimble was her favourite mistake, one she has never been able to forget. But right now, when her life is unravelling, he is a further complication she’d rather not have to deal with. However, it seems Keith has other ideas. Choosing change but ever the peacemaker, well-organised Briley soon realizes that she can’t keep everyone happy. She must expose her treachery if she is to keep her own head above water. She’s being forced to fight for what is hers and she will do just that.
She soon learns though, that life has its own way of putting things into perspective. Some things are simply beyond our control.
Alexandra The Great
Alexandra lives for her successful business. She knows what she wants from life, and more importantly, what she doesn’t want. But on a winter morning on the suburban streets of Christchurch, her plans collide with a man who will change her existence.
Mike is straight-laced and down to earth with strong family values – everything Alex isn’t. After he’s forced to scrutinize his life, he turns his attention on the woman who inadvertently gave him a second chance.
For Alex, the attention is unwelcome. Her memory of family is something she’d rather forget, not be a part of, but when Mike’s kin embraces her as one of their own, she begins to doubt her beliefs. Alex is forced to take a good hard look at her tattered past. But have her painful secrets been locked away too long for a few understanding words to release them?

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140937 words
ISBN: 978-0-908325-06-1


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