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Choices For Jamie By Angela Rigley

The fourth book in the story that started with "Looking For Jamie"

Jamie survives his final year at school, but does not know how to occupy his time once he has left. Seeing a poster in the village, he considers joining a circus, but when the family goes to the performance the Big Top collapses. Jamie is kidnapped by an evil clown and Tillie loses David in the mayhem. Later, Jamie sees Beth, the woodland girl, and realizes he still loves her, but she moves away soon afterwards. During a visit to Harrogate to stay with Sarah, he meets a rich society girl, Geraldine, who takes a shine to him. However, on his return home, he makes a secret pledge to marry the little maid, Maisie, to take her away from her life of drudgery. Sarah has fallen in love with Geraldine’s cousin, Joel. Will her hopes of a future with him be fulfilled, and who does Jamie finally choose?

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