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Conspiracy In The Mist By Julie Romero

Ireland, 1889-An unholy killer is murdering priests.

Ireland, 1889- When Thomas Danaher loses his renowned wife, no one living in Dublin’s Montjoy Square can blame the man or his daughter Keira for being distraught. Isn’t it perfectly normal for him to be angry and blame God? But when their parish priest, Father Lonagon’s body is discovered mutilated in a graveyard, suspicion turn to Thomas. To keep Keira protected while he fights to clear his name, he sends her deep into the countries rural society and prays she might find love in the peaceful hills as he once did. But Ireland’s march toward civil war leaves no town secure. With Thomas’ eyes on the fate of an angry nation, he straddles a deadly line between countrymen and religion, while a blood thirsty killer lurks in the shadows, slashing the throats of the countries influential priests. An immoral conspiracy begins to emerge. Racing against time, Thomas must stop a crazed murderer before he finds another body; for the next one could be Kiera.

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