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Diminishing Bonds By Corrine Shroud

The stunning opening novel in the Death's War Saga.

Three sibling deities banished from their family pantheon, entombed in flesh and in blood. The Blighted Ones—Betrayers and Betrayed. For eons they’ve bided their time, etched their way through history…and waited…

…Skyler and her brothers have always been separated from the world around them. They have no knowledge of the power beneath their skin, of the fathomless gods contained by the coils of mortality.

But, the bonds are weakening—breaking apart, shattering as the prophesied War threatens. Skyler can feel the taint in the air, the heavy weight of expectancy. When she encounters the entity she’d been made to restrain, will she keep any aspect of her soul…or will she be lost in the depths of Power?

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Will be published on 03-July-2015

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