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Goodbye Burt By Audrey Holland

I didn’t go looking for love, but then one summer evening I walked right into it – head over heels! It happened the moment my eyes met his. I was out for a drink with my sister and best friend when he walked in.

He singled me out in a room full of gorgeous women. He was tall and good looking in a rugged kind of way and he seemed to see no one but me. We danced and talked until they closed the place. Foolishly, I drank too much and was quite incapacitated by then. He took me to his motel room and tried to get me into bed. I wasn’t that drunk!

I was positive that he was mister right when he didn’t get mad because I refused. He just asked me for another date.

That’s a good sign isn’t it?

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10938 words
ISBN: 978-1-927134-67-2


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