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Humanity Interval 1 - Child of the Dusk By Corrine Shroud

HUMANITY is a story of prejudice, pain and fear.

Mirage, a banished Child of the Dusk, must learn to cope in a human world that just doesn’t understand her. Ignorance, a dangerous catalyst in any aspect, fuels the cult HUMANITY and its members, the Humanitarians. Bent on being sure that humans are the only dominant species on the earth, they attack the paramortals outside of the safety zones set up by the government. When Mirage’s father becomes a victim of their cruelty, she finds herself the new target—and their attack comes closer to the heart. Can she learn to survive this new world of hatred, and when she discovers a new plan that threatens her her entire race—the Children of Power—can she stop it?

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Will be published on 15-January-2010

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