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Lame Bird's Legacy By Dan Strawn

Rides Well suffers the loss of his wife, rides away and becomes a legend among his people. Otter raises his brother’s orphaned son and foresees tragedy. Lame Bird pursues his youthful vision and discovers his destiny in the midst of war. Isaac Ramsey flees the tragedies of home and finds himself a private in the First Cavalry. General Howard struggles with failure as he chases the Nez Perce across Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. Sergeant Harry Adkins confronts his conscience when duty and ethics collide. Pronghorn sees opportunity for glory in the travails of his enemy, the Nez Perce. All of these characters' lives become intertwined in the drama and pathos of the 1877 Nez Perce War. In Lame Bird’s Legacy readers will discover truths about all wars and how they influence the lives of ordinary people.

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