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Our Authors:

David BowmanDavid Bowman

Born in 1956 in the East Anglian Fens in England he moved to Nottingham to study for his business degree. In line with the current myth of the time he met, courted and married a local girl and they have now been married for 35 years.

Alternative History    

M.M. CoxM.M. Cox

M. M. Cox is a journalist and professional blogger who just recently published the Teen Mobster Series with Bluewood Publishing. If you’ve ever wanted to try laughing while biting your fingernails, you should read her books.

Young Adult    

E.R. HazeE.R. Haze

My family and I live in Finland. I have two adult sons who make sure I rarely have a dull moment when at home. They are adorable.

I'm an aviation enthusiast, and it shows in my books. I love airplanes ...

Contemporary Romance    

Audrey HollandAudrey Holland

I live with my dog, horse and cat in the mountains behind Mission B. C. in Canada. It is a rain forest but it really doesn’t rain all that much. I love it here and cannot imagine ever living anywhere else.

Women's Fiction    Crime    

Helen McNicolHelen McNicol

Helen lives in Christchurch, New Zealand and is married with four children. For a large part of her childhood she lived in the beautiful Marlborough Sounds, a great place she says, for a writer to be born...

Contemporary Romance    Urban Fantasy    

Barbara PhippsBarbara Phipps

Barbara Phipps was born in Liverpool in 1950, her earliest memory is of moving to the West Riding of Yorkshire in 1953. The family travelled by train, few people had cars in those days.

Women's Fiction    

Paulette RaePaulette Rae

Paulette was born in Christchurch, New Zealand. At the age of nine her parents moved to the Kenepuru Sound, where she attended a small rural school. There she met a teacher who awoke in her a passion for writing...

Contemporary Romance    

Lila RichardsLila Richards

Lila Richards lives in the countryside north of Auckland, New Zealand, where she shares her home with her two cats, Poppy and Jeeves. She works part-time as a sub-editor for the New Zealand Meteorological Service.

Urban Fantasy    

Angela RigleyAngela Rigley

Married to Don, Angela has 5 children: Darran, Jane, Catherine, Louise, and Richard and 8 grandchildren: Amy, Brandon, Ryan, Danny, Jessica, Charlotte, Ethan and Violet. Educated at The Convent of Our Lady of Providence...


Julie RomeroJulie Romero

Julie Church-Romero was born in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California and developed a love for reading at an early age. After becoming a manicurist out of high school, Julie entertained her coworkers by writing comical poems and funny stories in between seeing clients.

Historical Romance    

Dan StrawnDan Strawn

Dan Strawn took up writing after retiring from dual careers in business and education. He lives in Vancouver, Washington with his wife, Sandi. In addition to his novels, he is a published short story, memoir, and essay writer. His work has appeared in various editions of Idaho Magazine and in Trail

Historical    Historical Romance    Crime