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Barbara Phipps

Barbara Phipps was born in Liverpool in 1950, her earliest memory is of moving to the West Riding of Yorkshire in 1953. The family travelled by train, few people had cars in those days. She attended Sandal Endowed Junior School and Wakefield Girls’ High School, leaving in 1967 with a handful of ‘O’ levels, perhaps notably including English Language and Literature. Apart from a disastrous eight year marriage, when she lived in Norfolk, Barbara has lived in Yorkshire ever since. She re-married in 1982 and has a son and a daughter. She describes her career as that of a serial assistant to the medical profession, having assisted doctors, pathologists, vets, dentists and pharmacists. All of which has been very interesting and very badly paid. Now retired, has been a Magistrate in West Yorkshire since 2000. Her hobbies include reading, cooking, walking and gardening. She shares an allotment, growing vegetables with limited success. She has written several short stories, ‘The Threlfalls’ is her first novel.
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