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E.R. Haze

My family and I live in Finland. I have two adult sons who make sure I rarely have a dull moment when at home. They are adorable.

I'm an aviation enthusiast, and it shows in my books. I love airplanes and the feeling you get when you're flying high, or low, above the ground. It's pure freedom!

I used to fly myself, but these days I'm quite happy to be a passenger. Gives me time to enjoy the view.

Another source for inspiration comes from my travels, mainly in Europe by car, train, bus, hitch-hiking, cargo ships and planes but also in the States. Traveling is my other passion, I have restless feet.

I have always tried to be open minded to find new, fascinating people, ideas and experiences; this tendency provides material for some of my books not all, but some.

I'm also a hopeless romantic. I've been writing romance stories for about six years, and absolutely love inventing them. I hope you, as a reader, will enjoy my stories as much as I have enjoyed writing them.
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