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Welcome to Bluewood Publishing

Bluewood Publishing Ltd was formed in mid 2009 by two authors, New Zealander, Paulette Rae, and David Bowman from England. Ms. Rae and Mr. Bowman aim to provide a secure, comfortable and professional environment for Bluewood authors.

We are committed to finding and publishing talented, inspired and motivated authors. Our focus is high quality writing with a strong genre target and creative twist. We strive for quick, efficient turnaround time from contract to release.

Providing that a manuscript meets our submission quality and content criteria, we edit, design a cover, and publish it on the major e-book retail sites. We are also interested in manuscripts of a printable length which we will consider for print, both mass-market paperback and where appropriate, hardback. We naturally require all Bluewood authors to actively market and promote their book(s), and we go the extra mile to help them become successful sellers.

Bluewood Publishing is an international full royalty paying publisher.

New And Recent Releases

Seven Sisters Trilogy
Seven Sisters Trilogy

David Bowman

All three novels in the trilogy brought together in a single volume for the very first time. A total of over 147,000 words for a single unbelievable price.
Seven Sisters
Two Brothers
Imperator... read more.

Styx And Stones
Styx And Stones

Deborah McNemar

Pantheon is fighting a silent war. The enemy is building a cyborg army, striking only to vanish back into the shadows. Walter Bellinger knows that time is running out before they strike hard and Pantheon goes under for good. To keep his grandfather's legacy alive, he turns his sights on Serena Wulf, a woman who may hold the answers he needs.... read more.

Author Spotlight


Corrine Shroud

Corrine Shroud grew up in the Appalachian rural reaches of Kentucky nestled in an embrace of mountains and forests. She has a large and loving family with three younger brothers...
... read more.


Sept 2015

Bluewood releases the second in the YA trilogy by M.M. Cox - The Mark, the superb follow-up to The Recruit.

July 2015

The first book in the Death's War Saga by author Corrine Shroud, Diminishing Bonds is released